Stringfever's Main Product for the Corporate and Private Party market is a 25 Minute after dinner Cabaret Show.

  • Fast Paced
  • High Energy
  • Entertaining
  • Interactive

The show features a movie themes medley which is usually run as a quiz between tables.

Ravel's Bolero with all four on one cello also featuring 2 "volunteers" from the audience.

The "History of Music in 5 Minutes" a fast paced finale with 40 tunes in 5 minutes.

(The show length can be adjusted to suit your needs)


Stringfever as your very own "House Band"

In addition to their Cabaret Show Stringfever can  perform lIve walk up "stings" for awards and or guest speakers at your event and as with a house band on a TV show the stings will be relevant to the Speaker or award. 


Acoustic background set

Stringfever are happy to perform a 45 minute background set on acoustic instruments during your drinks reception.

Stringfever play from memory and don't use music stands so they can move from one part of the room to another if necessary. The repertoire is the usual mix of Light Classical, Jazz and Pop.


Special Commissions

Stringfever's signature is  Medleys and time permitting they will  consider putting together a Medley for your event


sound system, stage and lights

Stringfever own their own PA System lights and stage so the can come completely self contained. 

If your event is small or you haven't yet booked "production", Stringfever can supply all equipment necessary for their performance and also supply microphones for any speeches.

They always provide their own monitors, microphones and mixer. If you already have production supplied to your event they can easily send a feed to your sound desk.