Unless you've been to a Stringfever show  then you've probably never seen 4 guys playing Bolero on one cello at the same time.

It's unusual, it's entertaining and it's downright crazy but the question you'd be forgiven for asking is simply........ WHY?

In 2003 Stringfever put together a 25 minute cabaret show for a corporate event at the Natural History Museum in London. Their Finale "The History of Music in 5 Minutes" brought the house down but they felt that the set needed another show stopper, something that would be totally unexpected and entertaining at the same time.  Ralph came up with the idea of playing something on one instrument all at the same time, but what piece to choose? The practicalities of playing all on one cello meant that Ravel's Bolero with it's repetitive accompaniment was a perfect choice. As you can imagine the the rehearsal process was not free from "discussion" but the end result became one of Stringfever's signature pieces. Their first video in 2006  got over a million hits on youtube and it's still a favourite with fans all over the world.

The cello section of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra admired it so much that they copied us in their own video!