They've spent much of the last 15 years Touring venues all around the Globe but how did it all begin?

Coming from a family of musicians it was always likely that the Broadbent boys were going to follow their fathers into the music profession. Giles and Ralph studied at the Royal Academy of Music and Graham at the Royal College. Giles went on to lead the orchestras for several West End shows. (Sunset Boulevard, Phantom of the Opera  and My Fair Lady)  Their Youngest brother Neal was due to study at the Guildhal School of Music but instead he was kidnapped by his brothers to be the cellist in their new group - Stringfever!

"Get your act together" is an often used phrase but in 2003 that is what the Broadbent boys actually did. For the full story of how and why Stringfever came into existence head over to the Blog section.